Bad Boy V2 ARF

Wing Span: 53" / 1340mm
Overall Length: 46.73" / 1187mm
Wing Area: 805 (5196
Flying Weight: Approximately 4 Lb
Wing Loading: 12-13 oz./sq foot

With a lot of experience and many hours of design invested in this model, we proudly present the NEW GENERATION of profile 3D Funfly! State-of-the-art design and construction with all the goodies that you ever dreamed of: BAD BOY V2!

V2 is a completely new design with a larger wing area and wingspan, longer fuselage, larger rudder much stronger construction but still extremely light weight!

As all with our models we make sure you can assemble it in minimum time. You can have the Bad Boy in the air in no time! This is a true ARF.

The design

Two piece removable wings (super fast fitting and comfort in storage and transportation)
Fuselage construction accommodates all extensions for neat fit, which makes the assembly a snap.
Huge control surfaces for the wildest 3D
Huge wing area for lowest wing loading and best harriers.
The RX battery is installed in the fuselage to avoid heavy wing and ease assembly at the field. Can be mounted according to CG.
The Bad boy is well balanced and smartly designed to allow easy CG set up.
Can be powered with a brushless motor as well.
Awesome color schemes

The construction

We combined in this model balsa, ply and composite materials for maximum strength and minimum weight. The use of selected balsa & ply with carbon fiber long wing sleeve and carbon fiber leading edge results is lightweight and most surprisingly strong aircraft.
All parts are cut accurately by laser and CNC machines. Hinges slots are pre-cut.

High quality hardware pack

The Bad Boy kit includes a complete hardware pack, but as you can see it is far superior to standard hardware packs found in other ARFs

Carbon Fibre CNC machined control horns for easy installation and awesome look.
Giant quality CA flat hinges (pre cut slots)
Carbon fiber HD pushrods (Those can be used on much larger aircraft) with HD couplers and metal clevises for precise control and zero flexibility.
Carbon fiber tail assembly mounting plate
Carbon fiber wing tube
Illustrated manual (includes radio set up)

How it flys

Wild knife edge, knife loops, easy slow harriers, waterfall, one of the quickest spins and inverted spins you can imagine and don’t forget the easiest hovering and torque roll you could expect from a model. This plane would make you look GOOD!

The thick airfoil wings allow for smooth slow aerobatic flight, but when you push the throttle full you will get stunning fast aerobatics manoeuvres, super fast rolls and tight loops - just name it!

Bad Boy is a very forgiving airplane due to its light weight and the extra large wing area. Just make sure you use dual rates to restrain this 3D beast.

The combination of profile fuselage and huge rudder makes this plane capable of nasty knife-edge, and very tight knife loops at great speed with full control and predictability.

Soft harrier landing is a matter of putting the Bad Boy’s nose into the wind and leave the stick. On a windy day we had great fun with knife-edge-hovering.

Even if you are a giant scale pilot, don’t underestimate: this model will challenge any advance to expert pilot and will improve your 3D skills.